How to pick the perfect bicycle pedals

How to pick the perfect bicycle pedals

Tired of slipping a pedal or getting a major shinner? Stacked gives you the low down on everything you need to know about pedals from what part grips your shoe to which ones fit your bike. We have the most inexpensive prices and you will relieve tons of stress when you watch our explained & reviewed videos. It will make showing up to our storefront or snagging something online much easier.  We understand the significance of reliable and high-performance pedals for your BMX bike. That's why we offer a diverse range of BMX bike pedals to enhance your riding experience.

Q: Do they come with both pedals?

A: Yes, a left one & right one. Read below to know which one.


Q: Which pedal goes on what side?

A: With the bike upright the right pedal has a "R" on it and the left have an "L" on it. 


Q: Which size axle do I need?

A: One piece cranks use a 1/2" axle and 3 piece cranks use a 9/16". Easiest way to know which one you have is if the cranks look like a metal bar that looks like a snake. 

Q: Which pedal has normal thread?

A: The right pedal is normal thread & the left side is reverse thread.

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