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Tie reviews

SE Bikes Bozack tire | Explained & Review

SE Bikes Bozack tire | Explained & Review

The Se Bikes Bozack tire is super light and have a big ballon style shape. If you need more stability while wheeling and less cargo while smashing up them hills. Snag this tire before you get hit with that Bozack....

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odyssey pro path tire explained & review

Odyssey Pro Path Tire | Stacked BMX Shop

The Odyssey Pro Path tire is perfect for all terrain styles and you can run them at high air pressures. Never get passed by the guy in the other lane or wash out and lose the race. These are super...

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vans x cult camo tire army artic sand snow bmx street freestyle skatepark

Vans X Cult tires | Explained & review

The Vans X Cult tires are a shoe tread style tire that comes in tons of color combinations. You never hear anyone say cool bike until these guys show up. Mount a set of these bad boys and hit the...

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Learn to BMX

How to bunny hop billy kennedy best techniques

How to Bunny hop - Billy Kennedy | Stacked BMX Shop

Billy Kennedy teaches you how to bunny hop with valuable information from what exercises help to what body positions help. When that bar drops off that height meter it is always embarrassing. Watch this video to the end to perfect your...

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bmx for beginners with colin varanyak how to learn bmx tricks how to turn pro freestyle trick bmx street skatepark

BMX for beginners | Colin Varanyak

Colin Varanyak has some great fundamentals if you are learning to bike. He teaches you how to position your body, foot position... Click the image to watch the video.

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