Our mission statement:

Stacked BMX shop is 100% owned & operated by Larry Alvarado. With over 15 years of Bicycle shop experience, this is the bicycle shop you can trust.  Aside from running the shop, Larry and his team do a lot for their community: Sponsor local riders, have monthly night rides, & also encourage our Youth to pave their own path to success. 

Our end goal: 

I want to offer you the fastest shipping, best selection with the customer service.

Our values:

We value our customers and treat them like family. We want you to have access to the best bicycle products available with the guarantee that you will get exactly that. We stand behind our word and give you authentic advice to picking bikes, parts or accessories for your two wheel fun.

Our History:

We have over 25 years in the bicycle industry and over 30 years of continuous BMX riding. We have been the trenches as a beginner rider, pro rider, bicycle shop manager, bike mechanic, videographer, team manager, graphic designers. If you are one of these we can relate to your shoes.

Why do we exist:

We have a futuristic view of the next BMX trends and connect you with everything amazing in bmx. If you need tips on fixing your bike, a bike part explained or tips on doing bmx tricks we have you covered.

How do we make money:

We thrive from you consuming our content and helping you get to the next level. Many of our followers and subscribers support us by purchasing bikes and parts we have showcased on our Youtube channel or website.

What Products / Services do we provide:

We provide the newest and most dependable bicycle products on the market. We give you honest reviews info even the brands do not have. We offer next day shipping, 365 return policies and traditional high quality satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Team:

Our Team is currently under comstrustruction. Tag us on social media and mention us on any press and you be on our next roster.


BMX Pro Larry Alvarado is original from Riverside, California and has brought many riding staples to the city. From world famous Sixties trail to monthly bike rides he contributes tons to the cities community. There is no sight of him slowing down.


BMX Union "Stacked BMX Shop Grand Opening"

Our BMX GT "The BMX Event" at Stacked BMX Shop

Stop by our shop and introduce yourself, we would love to meet you!

We are located in Riverside, California which is smack dab in the middle of the Inland Empire.

Stacked BMX shop
9442 Magnolia ave.
Riverside, Ca 92503