2019 Ethan Corriere FC signature FIT Bike co complete bike review

2019 Ethan Corriere FC signature FIT Bike co complete bike review

Do you want to know what separates The Ethan Corriere FC signature FIT Bike Co complete bike from other bikes on the market? Yup, us as well. So we checked it out and the highlighted details are below.
     This bike is designed to be comparable to his actual bike but at a much lower cost. Packed with tons of after market parts and a super durable fork and bar set this bike is amazing.

      The frame is 100% manufactured out of heavy duty Chromoly, the same stuff roll cages are made of. If your wonder what makes the pro's super good, we don't know exactly but the geometry really helps. How steep the forks are, how big the frame is, how high the cranks are, and how long the rear end of the bike is. Everything matters, and this frame is designed with the geometry of a pro frame. The Headset is integrated so you no longer have to tighten your gooseneck every time you jump. The Angle of the front of the Frame (head tube) is 75.5 degrees to allow this bike to be ridden on all terrains. Great for street, park and trails the steep angle of the headset makes it stay straight while going fast on jumps as well as doing nose manuals in the streets. The top tube is 20.5" to fit ages 8 - adult, making it a frame that will last for years. The bottom bracket is 11.8" which is great for riding pegs and helps the sprocket from hitting the ramps edge while dropping in a t the skatepark. The rear end is measured from the center of the crank shaft (spindle) to the center of the rear axle and this one comes in at 13.1". This length is the shorter side of a universal length making it lean more toward the street side of frame but still manageable for trails. We feel it's a great length for wheelies, manuals, ice pick grinds and still long enough so don't loop out on jumps. With all these features this frame is perfect for anyone trying to have a pro frame at a significantly lower cost.

      The front end is super dialed because of the full chromoly 25mm offset forks, and the 9.25" bars. The 25mm offset is push back toward the center of the bike making nose manuals easier to control. It is really similar to a seesaw, allowing the rider to be in more control of their balance. Most riders now a days want a bit taller handlebars to assist with these nose manuals. The taller size also gives the rider more room in the front end of the bike for 360's and other maneuvers. If you are an avid rider you will most likely buy this style of forks and bars. It's so rad this bike comes with them.

      Aftermarket 3pc cranks, pedals and the alloy sprocket give you a super solid feel under your feet and are designed to hold up to heavy riding. The cranks are sealed FIT Indent 165mm, which is a super popular crank from avid bmxers. They are welded together with chromoly and are hollow to keep them light as well as strong. Since this bike comes with four pegs, the shorter 165mm cranks give you plenty of room to prevent your foot from hitting the pegs while pedaling. The press fit sealed bottom allow them to spin super smooth for kick flips and require very low maintenance. The sprocket is alloy and utilizes the small 25T size to prevent it from hitting ramps while dropping in thus causing a crash. Using this small sprocket and a 9T rear gear pedals exactly like the big sprocket bikes. The cool part is that is makes the bike lighter weight because it has less chain and material on the sprocket. The pedals are aftermarket FIT Mac PC pedals and are used buy most of FIT's team riders. They ride these pedals because they are light than alloy pedals, lower cost and grip just as good in all weather conditions. 
      A Pivatol seat and seat post gives the rider ultimate adjust on the angle of the seat. This design also is much light than the traditional railed seats and requires almost no tightening over time. A FIT Barstool seat comes with it and is super durable, plush and fat to help any rider with barspins. The seat post is a FIT alloy post and team up perfect with the seat.

     The front wheel has a sealed alloy hub with a 3/8" axle to make putting pegs on a breeze. The front rim is FIT SW1 single wall alloy rim to make the bike light but still handle some abuse. Both are bound together with stainless steel spokes to give your wheel much longer life.
      The rear wheel sits on a sealed LHD freecoaster hub to allow you to do tricks forward or backwards with no resistance. LHD means left hand drive, which is opposite from the normal hub. This keeps the sprocket from damage while grinding on the right side of the bike. It comes with a large 14mm axle so you can put grind pegs making the hub super durable. The cog on the rear is a small 9T and helps prevent damage to the teeth while grinding rail or ledge. The hub shell is made out of aluminum to keep it lite weight and durable. The freecaoster internals are the KHE design and have about 90 degrees of slack. The slack is how much play the cranks have before they move the wheel. 90 degrees is what the majority of avid riders ride making the ride extra nice.

     All this amazing features stick to the ground with the super popular FIT T/A tires. These tires have a large FIT hot patch on the side wall giving them a race feel. The tread pattern is a recessed slick street tread and helps the bike roll super fast on any terrain. The width comes in at 2.4" and really helps with stability. This wider size  gives you more gripping area when you lean over on turn. This helps you keep your speed in turns and prevent washing out.
     Many riders are riding with 4 pegs now a days and this bike comes equipped with 4 steel pegs. Rule of thumb is that if you 180 counter clockwise you put the pegs on the right side, making it easy to grind the copping on ramps. If you 180 clockwise you put them on the right. 4 pegs allow you to grind on either side and doubles the amount of tricks you can do. who doesn't like the capability of doing more tricks.
      If you want a bike that last for 3-4 years or a bike that rides like the pro's this bike is for you. Overall this bike is amazing right out of the box, and will not last long. Don't let this bike pass you up, Buy one today and pull up.

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