How to pick the perfect bike - beginner to pro

How to pick the perfect bike - beginner to pro

At Stacked BMX Shop, we offer a wide range of complete BMX bikes to suit riders of all levels. Our collection features top models designed for durability, performance, and style. Whether you're a beginner looking for your first bike or an experienced rider seeking the latest technology, we have the perfect complete BMX bike for you. Explore our selection today and elevate your riding experience with Stacked BMX Shop.

What bike should I buy?

If you are wondering what bike you should buy, We suggest the 1st bike that you fall in love with. It is always best to buy the bike you love because you can always customizing it to be what you want in the future. Remember to act fast because these models/color ways will not last long and do sell out faster than you think.

How long should a bike last me?

You usually want to get 2-3 years out of your first bike, any of the bikes on our site will take care of you.

How do I pick a bike right for me?

Here are a few tips on how to purchase the best bike to suit your needs. We will talk about frame size for rider height, frame materials, bike color ways, components, bicycle style, warranties, and popular style of parts.

Frame Size

The first subject is frame size for rider, this is big for avid riders but not for a beginner rider. Frame size is a general rule of thumb, but we all started on a introductory bike. Most of these bikes are introductory, If you are a avid bike rider than you prob know what to get. The idea is if your 5' tall you should get a certain size bike & if you are 6' tall you should get a different size. As you need more space for your legs to get the best movement for tricks. We recommend a 20"-20.5" top tube (measured from the center of the seat tube to the center of the head tube) bike for riders 4'6" to 5'7". 20.75" for riders 5' to 6'1" and 21" for riders 5'5" to 6'+. This is a recommended size you can go up or down a size to make it ride a certain way. Check out our frame section for more info on frames.

Frame Materials

Frame materials is what makes the bike last longer, we recommend a high tensile steel frame for riders just starting out and full chromoly frames for riders that are active in sports or just bash up anything they touch. High tensile steel is a mild steel to help reduce the price of bikes and get any person on a bike. Chromoly is a tough quality steel that is used in off road vehicles and many other extreme applications. The more chromoly the frame has the longer it will last, so instead lasting 2-3 years it will last 3-4 years. Always remember that you get what you pay for.


Components is a big game changer, it can make the bike way more expensive and last way longer. As you invest more the components get better. 3 piece cranks, bars and forks add more chromoly and get lighter weight. Wheels get sealed bearings and stronger rims for bigger drops and 360's. The tires get tougher and allow you to put higher air pressure making them last longer. Some bikes come with aftermarket parts and that makes the bike even better because you won't have to upgrade any time soon.


All of our bikes come with a life-time warranty on the frame, forks, and bars against manufacture defects. If purchased at our store front we build the bike up for you, give you a life-time service, adjust any parts, cover all shipping cost on warrantied parts and offer crash replacement discounts. If you ever have a problem with our bikes, please contact us and we will help you out as much as we can.

Bike Style

Picking a bicycle style is not as hard as you think. Pick what you fall in love with, if you continue to ride you will most likely purchase aftermarket parts to suit your needs. Our site is packed with freestyle, street, dirt jumping bikes. Most of these fall in the same category, most riders ride any terrain with their bikes. 90 percent of riders ride without brakes and some models include removable brake mounts. Some riders have a rear brake and some have a front brake for added freestyle tricks. Front brakes can be added to any bike on our site with purchase of forks with brake mounts & brake set. It's freestyle, set your bike up anyway you want.


Majority of our bikes have updated parts/style bmxers are looking for. Most riders want small sprocket so when dropping in at the skatepark the sprocket clears and keeps them from crashing. The smaller sprocket on the front and back keeps the gear ratio the same as any big sprocket bike to pedal exactly the same. The benefits is less material, the less weight. Bmxers want 3 piece cranks so they are low maintenance, lighter weight and compatible with any aftermarket set of pedals. Majority of our bikes come with fat 2.4" tires to give the rider better stability and helps prevents flats when jumping. They come with a top load stem & large handlebars to give more room in the cockpit for control while doing tricks. 

Selecting your new bike

We know it is hard to choose a bike, we suggest you buy the bike that you fell in love with. If you are happy, you will ride happy and makes other riders around you happy.

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