Grips - All information about grips

Grips - All information about grips

Grips are the rubber handles you hold onto while riding a bike. You can select what color you want to how soft they are. If you want to select the best grips for you, select the color you want, select the style of pattern and try out as many as you can.

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Q: What bicycle/bike/bmx grips fit my bike? 

A: If you have a bike, mtb, beach cruiser, kids bike all these grips will fit it. 99.9% bikes have a 7/8" bar which is the same as all of the grips we carry. If you need grips for a 12" department store bike they most likely do not fit. If you are trying to put these on a motorcycle whether it is a 3 wheeler, quad, 2 stroke or 4 stroke these will not fit easy. You can stretch them out and get them on but it is better to use motorcycle grips.

Q: How long do these grips last?

A: The life-expectancy varies from rider to rider. Should riders has delicate hands and on the opposite spectrum there are people out there with acid grip. Whether your grips where out fast or slow, pick a grip that is comfortable, isn't slippery, and the color you like.

Q: Which grips give you the most traction/grip?

A: There are 2 styles of grips and over lap to make 3 styles. There is a ribbed pattern which has a bunch of small rings to remove sweat & create grip. The opposite style is a thinner solid rubber with small pyramids to create traction. The 3rd is a combination of both and they come in various combinations. With so many selections, just pick one, there will be plenty of grips you will try.

Q: How long of grips should I invest into?

A: Grips vary in length from 130mm -180mm and this is the over all length of the grip in millimeters. 150mm is considered short and all grips can be cut down shorter with scissors or razor blade. If you have shifters aka what changes gears on a multi-speed bike you the easiest grips to cut down are the ribbed grips. You can also cut off the flange ( the large cone style of the grip ) to make it a shorter grip that will fit your bike.   


Q: Do these grips match the color of my bike?

A: Color shades are hard to match exactly even when its a product from the same production batch. Always keep in mind your monitor may not be calibrated to my screen or to the color selected when the photo was taken. Our best suggestion is try as many colors and styles as possible, they are the smallest investment on your bike. This is the only part on your bike that you physically touch with your skin, try as many as possible your hands will love you.

3 of the best grips we suggest are the Vans X Cult grips, S&M Hoder grips & ODI Mushroom II grips, which are all manufactured in the ODI warehouse right here in Riverside, California.

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