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3rd Anniversary Rideout | SD Biking

If you have seen bikes cruising San Diego then you know these guys, Sd biking crew do many Rideouts and do an amazing job of getting everyone together. They do Rideouts periodically thru out the week and do a yearly ride to celebrate. The Anniversary Rideout will be on April 15th, 2023 and will allow you to ride your bike downtown and the outskirts San Diego. Give your fam a heads up and join the hundreds of people that will be attending this free event. I asked them to tell you guys what SD Biking is all about and below is what they said". - @cantstopla

SD Biking word:
"Founders of SD BIKING are Royer & Junco we have been riding since the 90s. We established SD BIking to be organized in 2020 created four weekly rides a week with a safety crew carrying walkie-talkies to communicate at our rides. Throughout the 3 years we have also created a travel team with strong women & men where go all over to support other rides like Los Angeles, Bay Area, Texas, Las Vegas, Arizona, etc. We plan on traveling worldwide.

SD Biking has hosted over 500 public rides in our beautiful city of San Diego. SD Biking apparel was designed to express the love for our city, culture and being part of something great in our community.
We have launch a website Where people can purchase a personalized with their name on the back with multiple designs and color jerseys for the BMX Culture apparel.
Our vision is to get kid’s & families on bikes. All proceeds from our website go to purchase bicycles for kids that can’t afford them and host free events."

SD Biking website:

Watch more SD Biking videos: SD Biking videos

SD biking Instagram: @sdbiking

Sd biking 3rd anniversary ride out san diego california

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