GT Bicycles at Stacked BMX Store front

GT Bicycles at Stacked BMX Store front

The BMX Event #2 sponsored by GT Bicycles at Stacked BMX Shop was 20" BMX event behind our shop, Yawn BMX brought ramp, Gt brought out their team rider, we informed the local riders, and we rode the ramp for a few hours. All the Gt rider were slaying it. Tate was sliding across the parking lot on a milk crate, Ratty Matty was doing abubacas on the light post, Justin Shorty was doing combos on the teeter totter ledge, Jesse Gregory was crooked grinding the roller coaster rail, Julian Molina was tire riding our up rail and the local were all shredding. The obstacles are so wild you just have to see the video then hit up the BMX event #3.
   If you are a bike shop contact Veesh to set up one of these at your shop. Contact GT Bicycles to sell their bikes. Thanks for supporting BMX.

Watch video on Youtube. When it is made public you can watch it here.

Sponsored by: GT Bicycles

Filmed by: Veesh & Jeff Z

Edited by: Veesh

Ramps provided by: Yawn BMX


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