Everything about bicycle Bottom Brackets - American, Euro, MId, 19mm, 22mm, 24mm

Everything about bicycle Bottom Brackets - American, Euro, MId, 19mm, 22mm, 24mm

Are your cranks creaking or don't really spin? Stacked will quicken up the process and get you straight to smooth sailing. We give you the best prices and show great videos of what bottom brackets are. We explain & review everything so you know how to get the correct bottom bracket. Stop by our store front or order online, we love when you make the choice.

Q: What BB do I get?

A: You need to know 2 things, What size is the outside of the bearing (shell size) & the size of your cranks spindle ( shaft that goes thru frame). American is about the size of a coffee cup, Mid is the side of a Redbull can & euro has threads inside. The 19mm spindle is about the size of a penny, 22mm is slightly larger than a nickel & 24mm is slightly smaller than a quarter. If your cranks look like a metal bar that snake through the frame, it is a 1pc crank and requires a 1 piece american bottom bracket. Simply match up the shell size & spindle to invest into the correct spindle.

Q: Why do my cracks creak? 

A: 99% of the time it is the pedals are popping or creaking, put pedals on from a bike that doesn't creak to see if its the pedals. If it continues to creak, grease the cranks set anywhere metal touches metal. If it pops still you may have to replace the inexpensive freewheel or make sure your chain alignment is straight.

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