Tires | All information about tires

Tires | All information about tires

Tires are very important when riding and help your bike grip the earth. Tubes are evolving now because tires are getting wider. We will help you pick the tubes & tires best for you.

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Tubes are basically a ballon and expand in your tire until there is no longer room and create your tire to get harder. This is where PSI comes in play, PSI stand for pounds per square inch. The higher pressure you tire can get the better quality it is. Tires are now 2.4" wide so now tubes come in this larger width, older tubes like the 20 x 2.125" expand over their diameter size, stretch the rubber thinner to get the 2.4" width making you tube easier to puncture. The new 2.4" wide tubes are a larger diameter preventing your tube from expanding so much and prevents punctures. We hope this helps.

Tires come in many sizes, colors, psi amount and tread patterns. We will help you choose whats best for you.

Tire size is the most important thing when you start picking a tire. Most tires have two numbers on it, 20 X 2.4" which is the diameter and width. The first number is the diameter and the second one is the width. If your bike is 5 years or newer you can run a 2.4" tire and the frame or fork will have clearance. If you have a bike 6 years or older sizes 2.125 - 2.35" will be a roll of the dice if they fit in your frame and will most likely fit in your fork. This is because they just started making wider tires and older frames were narrower. 

The second thing we like to point out is the PSI, this is a easy way to know if the tire will last longer. Low psi tires 65psi or lower are usually on stock bikes and have less fabric strand in the tires. The higher PSI tires 80psi+ have a lot more fabric strands in the tire allowing you to go higher pressures as well as keeping the tire together. We highly suggest a high psi tire.

Colors are very select on each model of tire, many are limited edition and are never advertise this way. If you see a tire in a color you like, pick it up asap because it might not be around very long. Many color tires are a lil bit more expensive because they are produced at lower quantities thus increasing the price for the manufacture. Color tires do get dirty and will never look brand new when the tread wears out. They just look way better than generic black tires. Pick a tire that expresses your style and have fun with it.

Tread patterns vary and will wear out if you do a lot of skids, it is just rubber like your shoes. Patterns help you grips the earth when riding around and we found out they really matter. Smooth tread patterns are usually used to ride street because the asphalt has a rough surface and help the tires grip. If used at skateparks, they tend to be slippery. Knurled tread are grippy on any surface and help with stopping. Knobby treads are usually used for trails to give extra grip when turning. We suggest you pick a tread pattern and try it out, tires are inexpensive to buy and can make your bike look completely different simply by changing the color. Make your bike unique.

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