BMX Up & Comers - Chimi Curry

BMX Up & Comers - Chimi Curry

Here is another video for our BMX Up & Comers section and it is Chimi Churry (@_chimichurry). This video has a super relaxed feel and makes you smile when you watch it. Dude def has some skills and it looks like he is processing as much as possible. Back by a decent size crew of riders it appears he hits up a bunch of his local spots and lays down his best moves. I notice he has pegs on the right, is left foot forward and spins to the right. So if you know, some basic tricks are difficult when riding this way and some are easier. It def shows from the smith 180, and the feeble 180 bar. The feeble 180 half cab bar was awesome, even better that he was a good sport not pulling it, def a tough one grinding/spinning the direction he does. If you have friend that hate on you because you "grind or spin the wrong way" watch this, you can progress no matter what. Never let the dudes get you down. Big props to Chimi for doing his thing. Leave him a comment below, and subscribe to his channel if you want to see more videos from him, we sure do.

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