BMX Up & Comers - Nate Morrison

BMX Up & Comers - Nate Morrison

      Welcome to our first video of our BMX Up & Comers section. This Section is dedicated to riders from all over the world trying to get their name out there. We support all the under dogs, because we all started somewhere. If you would like your video to be feature here, message us any way you can and send us your best footage. If you video bangs extra hard and get a lot of views/comments we will post it our BMX videos section and re-up it on all of our social media platforms.
     With no further or due, here is a perfect video to start it off. This video is from Nate Morrison and dude is amazing on a bike. It appears he lives in Norcal and rides a ton of spots out there. Spots include Chico, San Francisco, Santa Rosa and much more. Dude has switch bars, many bars, x-up stuff, 180 bars plus mad links. Video has a great vibe, and def make me want to ride. Leave him a comment below if you like it & re-post this video if your his homie or see him going places in the future. Now watch it and get hyped.

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