Johnathan Ball - Up & Comers | @cantstopla

Johnathan Ball - Up & Comers | @cantstopla

Johnathan has been riding FGFS for a very long time and has a strong BMX street style going on along with some bangin' skillz. I know he isn't an up and comer but I feel BMXers don't know who he is and I want to give him some credit. I feel I need to shed some light on him and FGFS (fixed gear freestyle). FGFS is similar to bmx but with a fixed hub and large wheel (26", but mainly 700c). He does crazy grind combos on ledges and hops pretty high. Check out his inspirational riding & give him a follow.

Watch more of Johnathan Ball's video's: J Ball's videos

Strappa's Social Media: @jbvll

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