Alec Siemon Sunday Bike video part

Alec Siemon Sunday Bike video part

Stacked official word:

Sunday's word:
I can't say how long we've been filming this because honestly I lost count after six months. Originally we were filming for a mixtape with all the homies but Ale was the only one stacking clips. So, I put the clips together one night and showed him the timeline the next day, and we went from there. What can I say, it's not easy filming Ale and his long neck. Watching him bust these clips out in front of the Canon was insane. Definitely an amazing experience stuffing the good ol' Kia, driving out, and not returning until we got the clip. Shoutout to DLTD for keeping me in check when the days got rough. Now sit back and relax BECAUSE NOSE WHIP IS HERE TO STAY! –Vicktor Flores

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