BMXFU - the greatest bmx film of all time **FIRE MIDS**

BMXFU - the greatest bmx film of all time **FIRE MIDS**

The BMXFU dudes are savage af, drop their new "Fire Mids" video and all I can say is if they stopped smoking soo much weed, filmed some good stuff and use their editing skills they are def going places. In true BMXFU fashion they use Mushrooms, how to edit and how to steal videos to make an amazing BMX video, but shhhh... We def love how they make everything fun including Monster energy logos & Famous stars & strap logos. Funny side note, the old famous store/studio (which is not there anymore) is located right across the street from our store front. There is tons of great riding in here and some wild moves. Combine that with them relating everything to current events or movie scenes and you are sure to love this.
     Our favorite sections were Dawn/mayo/Lee Dennis ( because of the music), Call me up (Jason Levy clips), Charlie Crumlish (wild brake usage), & Greg Henry (No fucks given). All the sections are great, I def watched them all and suggest you do the same. Another stand out clip is Shawn Swains ice pick to invert, FTW!! Enough reading, slam that play button, leave them a comment below and watch it now.

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Filmed by: BMXFU crew

Edited by: Charlie Crumlish 

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