Seek & Destroy | Little Devil

Seek & Destroy | Little Devil

Seek & Destroy is a VHS Tape/video that was produced in 1998 by Little Devil Clothing brand which had all the sickest riders aboard. It was a huge influence in my riding and my rebellious attitude during the end of my high school years. The intro is an amazing montage of antics, street riding & trails. All the sections are amazing but the ones that go down in history for me are Garrett Byrnes opening section where he jumps off a blind second story roof into a steep grass bank. Marvin Leotterle getting drunk, his switch trucks, Dereck Adams hitting them big set down & him back flipping the trails was awesome. Obviously Van Homan's section is a mandatory mention and has shaped anyones vision of what an ultimate street video part is. Yes, that is an original copy on VHS I purchased when it 1st came out & I still have it in mint condition with plastic around the cover so watch it now.

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Little Devil Instagram: @littledevilbrand

Little Devil - Seek & Destroy from weedbmx on Vimeo.


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