Volume bikes: Boy Hilder's California Venture video

Volume bikes: Boy Hilder's California Venture video

Today we are blessed with Volume bikes new Pro rider Boyd Hilder's California Venture video which appears to be filmed while he was here in the States. As usual Boyd doesn't let us down, he fires out some hefty moves and rides the streets like a skatepark. The video encases the whole style of his "Venture" signature series parts from Volume and really shows you who he is off the bike. Josh Clemens did an amazing job digitizing this with crispy shots, establishing intros, great zoom action, and on point fisheye angles. Boyd follows through with a big roof drop line, big barspin moves, skatepark style, double bar action, opposite wall ride maneuvers and a hefty rail line to finish it off. Watch this video to see what Boyd's Venture product line from Volume bikes can perform like and handle.

-Larry Alvarado-

Credit: Volume bikes

filmed & edited by: Josh Clemens 

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