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Caught with his pants down | 503 BMX shop

You have to hear about the naked guy showing his junk to school buses and Cory getting caught with his pants down in this podcast from 503 BMX. In this podcast you will hear why Cory C moved his shop from Portland to Boise, Idaho. You will find out how hard it is to stop doing drugs and open a bike shop. You will also know what really keep a bike shop open and pays the bills. A great point you will hear about is why we shouldn't use the word culture and use community. You will enjoy this watch as much as I do. Make sure you support small bike shop like Cory's 503 BMX, we deal with a lot of stuff to keep them open for you.

Credit: 503 BMX Youtube channel

Social Media: @503BMX

Website: www.503bmx.com

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