***Premier*** BIKE LIFE BMX Podcast: Dad mode wheelie gang

***Premier*** BIKE LIFE BMX Podcast: Dad mode wheelie gang

Welcome to @cantstopla BMX aka Larry Alvarado premier Bike life podcast featuring Dad mode wheelie gang who has a progressive stile of creating content on Instagram and is pushing positivity in the Big bike bmx community. I have been a big fan of him and how he promotes many riders on his platform to create bicycle awareness. He is a family man, white collar worker and found his new passion of riding bikes. If you are into wheelies, the community and looking at riders different approach to accomplishing goals, this podcast is for you. Thank you for watching, like, comment, share and subscribe if you appreciate this interview with Liam. Questions we asked him How does your work help you promote bike life? Why do you post other people/riders on your social media? How do you create content for your social media platforms while being a father?

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Who should we do a podcast with next?

Coming soon… Forty aka @_magdeleno from Unity, Throne, Theory & @johnradtke John Radtke from Affinity scooters

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