Secluded BMX - Mix tape Vol. 1

Secluded BMX - Mix tape Vol. 1

 I don't know much about Secluded BMX from the information that is on their youtube channel. It does look like it's a bunch of sick a$$ foot from Palmdale gettin their crew together and making some riding videos. Their channel is new so we look forward to seeing what else they put out. This video has a bunch of dudes from their crew including Michael Dilworth, Cody Carper, Twuak, Kfed, Brian Wilucky, Jesse Padilla, Wolfgang Ray and many more. The video is a raw cut edit with a bunch thing they encounter while out riding. The riding is super dialed and is mostly street. Wolfgang ray ends the video with a big t-bog that we are sure you will enjoy. Over all the video is dope to see new faces, moves and crew, keep these videos coming riders. We dig. 

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Mikeaswell - March 25, 2019


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