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Stacked official word:
The Kink curb is a perfect bike to begin freestyle bmx for anyone from the age of 8 to an adult. It has tall 8.75" bars, small sprocket, 3-piece cranks, fat tires & is easily upgradable. 
     The frame is a 20" so it can accommodate almost any rider. It has a bearing system for the handle bars that is very low maintenance. The 3pc tubular cranks are light weight and will take abuse while the rider is bunny hopping or jumping. The pedals are created out of heavy duty Nylon so you know they will not fall off. The rear wheel has a large axle on the rear to prevent it from bending while do grinds. If you are dabbling with BMX or upgrading from a department store bike this bike will help you get to the next level. Pick one up today and have fun.

Explained and Review:
All your answer will be answered in my explained and review on the Kink Curb complete bmx bike. This bike is a introductory spec'ed bmx bike with the Geometry of the Pro Kink BMX bikes. It is made from cost effective high tensile steel. It is a great starting place if you want to hit the skatepark, streets or jumps without the big ticket price. In my explained, we’ll go over the five most common questions about the Kink Curb and provide a quality review to help you determine if this bike is right for you. Wait til the end for the best information.

Price & Weight:
If you want to know about the price and weight of the Kink Curb you will be stoked. The kink curb comes in an amazing 27.4 pounds, which is super light for. a bmx bike. The $299.95 price makes this bike reasonably priced and comes with tons of quality parts. If you want a bike that controls like a pro bmx bike this will be perfect to hit your next bmx spot.

When selecting a BMX bike it is mandatory to pick the bike perfect for you. The Kink curb has a 20" wheel and a 20 inch top tube size, which is designed for riders between 4'10" to 5'3". If you are 4'6" and taller we suggest this would be a great bnike to grow into. If you are smaller than 4'6" look into a 18" bmx bike like the Cult juvenile. If you are taller than 5'3" we also suggest getting a kink curb if this is in your budget. This is a introductory bike so if you stay in bmx the next bike we suggest you looking into is the Sunday Scout. 

All the colors are powder coated and have super sharp graphics that can not be removed. You can select from traditional matte black, a matte blue, matte gold or glossy green. Every year the color is changed but have similar components so if you miss a drop another awesome color is shortly behind. 

The Cockpit:
If you consider your cockpit as a steering wheel you know you need to have a solid setup. The Kink curbs cockpit has to start with the forks because that is what steers your front wheel. The 32mm offset gives you the best overall settings for riding bmx. This rake is great for street, skatepark or trails because it works great at slow speeds or fast. The thick high ten steel and the tapered legs keep the fork strong as well as lightweight. The headset spins freely on the 1 1/8" Threadless steerer tube and stays tight utilizing the topload forged alloy stem. The stem has large cutouts to reduce weight while keeping your bars secure. The bars are a moderately large 9" which has been the bmx standard for over a decade. The Kink Ace grips are plush and give you secure grip when hitting obstacles.The brake lever is super simple and with help you navigate in any territory at any speed.

The Frame: 
The Kink Curb frame has detailed pro geometry and a durable high ten steel material. The 1 1\8" threadless headset won't have you twisting the lock nut on your bearings. There is a a 25.4mm seat tube that will allow you to add any custom bmx seat to your bike. The large 14mm opening on the rear of the frame will secure the heavy duty wheel axles. The small dropouts that hold your wheel on will stay out of the way when you are grinding ledges or rails. Ride a curb today and have some fun. 

The brakes are one of the most important components on a beginner bmx bike and you know the Kink curb has you secure. The alloy brake lever is super simple and extremely lightweight. The one piece stainless steel brake cable give you the fastest reaction time and the easiest adjustments. The alloy 990 caliper are super stiff and apply heavy pressure to your stopping power. The soft brake pads continue the stopping power with the minimal amount of squeaks. Talk about having the superior stopping power.

The drive train is based on 3 piece cranks with an american bottom bracket. They are lightweight and heavy duty. because of 4130 chromoly material. The large 9/16" pedal axles
 gives you a great advantage when hitting bigg drops or jumps. The large American bottom bracket are easy to maintenance and give you many options if you desire to upgrade cranks in the future. The 25T x 9T gear ratio gives you great acceleration at any speed and gives you a huge clearance when dropping in on BMX ramps. The traditional 410 chain will give you quick speed to the back wheel and allow you to travel longer distances than walking. Take advantage of the standard gear ratio in BMX. 

If you stay in BMX the biggest factor to think about is being able to upgrade the Kink curb. Everything has been made simple for you to upgrade this bmx bike. You can simply swap out components to meet your performance standards and spec your parts to your riding style.
    A few compatibility of parts to consider are the american bb and the 1 1/8" threadless headset. These parts are different than the aftermarket bike part styles and are simple to adapt. The American bottom bracket is easily convertible to a mid bottom and 3pc cranks with conversion cups ( Fiction American to Mid BB conversion cups) if you decide to put a different set of cranks on it. The headset can be made lighter with a alloy headset ( KIng sealed ) or tougher with the Heavy duty headset (FSA Pig headset). All other parts are compatible with the most popular style of parts on the market. If you are looking to upgrade in the future this bike can totally handle it.

Pro's & Cons:
All the key features of this bike have been explained so it time for reviewing this bike and giving you the Pro's and cons.

The best part of the Kink curb is that is a great bike to begin BMXing without killing the bank. Another great value is that you upgrade this bike to your liking as you progress in bmx. The geometry of the frame and parts are designed your all around riding. This is a great advantage when learning how to bmx or do tricks. A majority of the parts are compatible with aftermarket frames and the frame is compatible with most aftermarket parts. This bike is an awesome start right out of the box.

The Cons are that if you upgrade the cranks you will have to purchase a conversion kit ($9.95 - $39.95). If you want a common aftermarket integrated headset you will have to substitute for a 1 1/8" threadless.

Suggested Upgrades:
Once you ride your bike you are going to think about upgrades. Keep in mind upgrades are not mandatory they just personalize a bike to the rider. Here are some upgrades that we suggest.

1. Grips: The only part of your body that touches the bike skin to bike is the grips. Grips can make a ride pleasurable or a sweaty mess. Upgrading to a grip you love can increase performance and durability to your ride. Price doesn't vary much on single ply grips ($8.95 - 14.95). Lock-on grips are quite a bit more ($19.95 - 40.95) but both will help your bicycles performance. 

Grip suggestions: ODI Longneck Softies, Vans X Cult grips, S&M BTM grips

2. Seat: Everyone needs a break once and a while and that's where bike seats come in. Seats come in various styles and styles. Some seats help with tricks and picking the right seat for you is easy. Most bmxers use a mid or fat pivotal seat because it helps your knees to clamp it while doing bar spins. It is easier to adjust and they are super durable. A pivotal seat will cost between $19.95 - $49.95 depending of what material coats it. This bike comes with an unadjustable combo seat which makes it mandatory to invest in a seat post as well ($19.95 - 39.95). Pick a fat, mid or slim to shred bmx your style.

Seat suggestions: Primo Pro seat, Demolition MC V1 seat, Fiend Mills seat

3. Pedals: The pedals are what supports your whole body weight when jumping or taking hard impacts. It is crucial to select the correct pedals to grip your shoe to the bike or take a huge drop. Pedals come in many thicknesses and widths to change the performance or geometry of your bike. Thicker pedals tend to be more durable as thinner pedals make your foot placement more stable. Pedals range from $9.95 - $499.95 and is based on materials. For freestyle BMX you want to stay on the lower priced spectrum. 

Pedal suggestions: Cult Dak Pedals, Odyssey Grandstand PC, Theory Median Pedals 

4. Handlebars: Handlebars set up your posture while riding a bmx and you need to make sure you invest in the correct ones. Most riders run a handlebar between 9" to 10" and are between 27.5" wide and 32". If you are 5'8" we suggest a bar that is 9.5" or smaller. If you are 5'9" or taller we suggest a 9.25" bar or larger. Handlebars range between $34.95 to $299.95 based on the material and manufacturing process.

2pc handlebar suggestion: Fiend Reynolds bars, Primo Rebars, Odyssey Broc Bars

4pc handlebar suggestion: S&M FU bars, Cult Heaven's gate bars, Odyssey 49er bars 

5. Stem: If you want to set up your cockpit correctly you start with the stem. The stem determines the height and distance your stem will be. Common reach for stems are 48mm for freestyle bmx to 58mm for bmx racers. If your bars are slipping forward and backwards you want to upgrade this part. Stem range from $26.95 to $399.95 based on materials and manufacturing processes.

Stem Suggestions: Haro Baseline Stem, Theory Bond Stem, Profile Push stem  

6. Tires: You know you have to take seriously when you know it is the only thing connecting your bike to the earth. Tires have many PSI's which is how much air you can put in it. They have different tread patterns and rubber compounds. Thinner tires are usually used for racing and wider ones are used for freestyle BMX. Some tires come in wire bead and some come in kevlar bead. Wire bead is heavier and easier on the wallet. The kevlar bead ones are lighter but heavy on the price tag. Tires are priced at $14.95 each to $35.95 each.

Tire suggestions: Sunday Current V2 tire, Odyssey Pro Path, Vans X Cult tire

Chain: Having a adequate chain is mandatory if you want to accelerate your bike. The chain is what is between yout pedals and back wheel that actually make it go. If you are torquing the cranks up hill or accelerating for an obstacle the last thing you want is your chain to break. Half link chain can help you curve this problem and give you confidence to perform at a higher level. Half link chains cost $20.95 - $64.95 and are worth every penny.

Chains Suggestions: Primo 121 Half link chain, Shadow Interlock V2, Shadow Supreme

7. Cranks: Many thing go into cranks and you need all the information to know which ones to upgrade to. Now a days 3 piece cranks are standard but come in various bearing sizes. They are available in American, Euro, Spanish or MId. This bike comes with American and the most sought after cranks are Mid bottom bracket. This bike can run almost any 3pc cranks with a BB conversion kit ( Fiction American to Mid Bottom Bracket cups). Three piece cranks range from $74.95 to $899.95 based on materials and manufacturing.

Crank set suggestions: Sunday Saker cranks, Odyssey Calibur cranks, Primo Churchill cranks

Forks: If you want to control your bike more you need to select the correct forks for you. Steep 15mm offset forks are good for front wheel tricks and mellow 32mm forks are great for high speeds. The objective is to get a fork with your geometry style and lighten up your bike. Forks cost between $69.95 to $179.95 because of the weight and manufacturing.

Fork suggestions: Rant Twin peaks forks, Primo DA silva forks, Odyssey R32

8. Sprockets: Sprockets mainly come in 25T or 28T for bmx but other options are available. What we have experienced is that most riders that have a cassette use a 25T sprocket and riders with freecoaster use a 28T sprocket. Many trail riders use a 28T or 30T sprocket so they still have pedal pressure at high speeds. You want to pick a guard sprocket if you ride with pegs and are grinding ledges and rail. You want to select a re regular sprocket if you are riding park or trails with no pegs. Sprocket prices range from $19.95 to $399.95 depending on if it a non-guard sprocket or if it is a show bike.

Sprocket suggestion: Primo Solid V2 sprocket, Odyssey La Guardia sprocket, BSD Guard sprocket

Brakes: Many rider do not ride brakes but this is freestyle and you can ride anyway you want. Many frames and bike shave 990 brakes and can be simple or difficult to install. Brakes come in a forged or CNC style system where the CNC ones are stiff and apply the stopping power better. Some brakes come with better brake pads and that can make a world of difference. Brake sets start at $34.95 and go up to $79.95 for 990 style brakes.

Brake Suggestions: Odyssey Springfield, Odyssey Evo 2.5, Demolition Vulcan

Wheels: Wheels are the heart of a BMX bike and you always want a strong heart. They come in cassette which are your normal bmx wheels that we are all use to. They also come in freecoaster which have been around for a long time but now are super strong and taking over BMX. The wheels allow you to 180 or roll backwards without having to pedal backwards as fast as you are rolling backwards. Basically turning a forward pedaling bike into a bike that rolls like it has two front wheels and making backwards tricks more accessible. Wheels range from $74.95 to $399.95 for a front wheel and $84.95 to $899.95 for a rear wheel. Prices are based on materials and if the wheel is custom built.

Front Wheel Suggestions: Haro Sata front wheel, Odyssey Stage 2 front wheel, Odyssey Hazard Front wheel

Cassette Wheel suggestions: Haro Sata Rear WheelOdyssey Stage 2 rear Wheel, Odyssey Hazard Cassette wheel

Freecoaster Wheel Suggestions: Stolen Rampage Freecoaster Wheel, Cinema ZX Freecoaster rear wheel, Odyssey Hazard Freecoaster wheel

The Kink Curb is great beginner BMX bike and super easy to upgrade in the future. It has all the components you will need to hit jumps, ledges or skatepark. It has large 9" handlebars to accommodate most rider heights. It comes with the best gear ratio for all around bmxing. It has large 14mm axle if you decide to put pegs on it. It come with Pro geometry to ride just like a pro bike. If you are a beginner bmxer or trying to get back in this would be a great bicycle to start with and upgrade in the future. If this bike is in your budget snag it, if not check out the bikes below and if you have more in your budget check out the bikes below as well.

Similar bikes at lower cost: Elite StealthHaro Parkway

Similar bikes at similar cost: Fitbikeco Series One, Elite Destro, Sunday Blueprint

SImilar bikes at higher cost: Cult Gateway, Sunday Primer, Haro Downtown   


Toptube: 20"

Seat tube: 71°

Chainstay: 13.25"

Standover: 8.5"

Headtube: 74.5°

BB Height: 11.6"

Frame: High Ten-Steel 

Fork: Kink Lance High Ten steel Steerer Tapered Fork Legs

Handlebars: Kink T875 8.75" High Ten-steel

Grips: Kink Ace

Barends: Kink Thrust

Stem: Mission Control TL 50mm

Headset: Standard 1 1/8"" Threadless Headset

Brake Lever: Mission Token

Brake Cable: Mission L3 Linear

Brakes: Mission Cease

Cranks: Kink Triumph 3pc Tubular Chromoly 170mm - 8 Spline

Bottom Bracket: American Unsealed

Pedals: Kink Hemlock

Chain: Mission 410

Sprocket: Mission Breach 25T 

Front Hub: Mission Reserve Unsealed 3/8" Axle

Rear Hub: Mission Function 9t Semi-Sealed Cassette 14mm

Driver: 9 Tooth

Front Rim: Mission X7

Rear Rim: Mission X7

Seat: Kink Warsaw Combo

Post: Mission Combo Steel Post

Seat Clamp: Mission Slim Clamp

Front Tire: Mission Tracker 2.4

Rear Tire: Mission Tracker 2.4

Pegs: None

Gyro Tabs: None

Weight: 27.4lbs

Kink word:
The Kink Curb, which is available in four great colorways, offers the entry-level rider a bike that looks and feels like a pro model without the price tag. Whether you choose Matte Midnight Black, Matte Blood Orange, Matte Brushed Silver, or Matte Blood Blue, you're getting an amazing bike.

Featuring modern geometry and outfitted with components such as 8.75" Kink T875 bars, 3-piece tubular chromoly cranks, a raised Mission Control TL 50mm stem, soft Kink Paragon grips with push-in Kink Thrust bar ends, and 2.4" tires front and rear; the Curb is perfect for any rider looking for a solid first bike.

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