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Are you interest in getting an E-bike but don't know which one you want? You should rent one out find your long lost love. Imagine being able to cruise to somewhere you have been wanting to check out but not break a sweat. E-bikes are fun bikes and once you ride one you will ant to keep having fun.
     You can rent there different style of bikes. A pedal assisted single speed bike, a bench seat style fat tire bike or a upright fat tire bike. The single speed bike only assist your speed while you pedal. It assist you going uphill and is one of the lighter weight E-bikes. The Bench style fat tire bike is a comfy bike that you can throttle and go. The Upright fat tire bike is back saving twist of the throttle and go bike. try them all out if you can because each one is a different kind of fun.

***ALL BIKE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. You will receive a bike similar to the bike you rental but not exactly. 


Rentals are a first come first serve. If you paid first you will receive it. Our system does not allow options to remove availability if bikes are rented. If rental was booked prior to your booking during our closed hour you will be contacted the following business day and refunded immediately. We apologize in advance for the troubles. Please call for more information.   

Voltaic & Volt Specs

Acceleration: Pedal assistance and throttle and go

motor: 750 Watts

Battery: 48V

Charge time: 6-8 hours

Charge distance/time: about 30 miles on flat ground only using throttle.

Speed limiter: 20 mph (Throttle and assist  cuts off at 20mph)

Venture Specs

Acceleration: Pedal assistance

motor: 350 Watts

Battery: 36V

Charge time: 6-8 hours

Charge distance/time: about 30 miles on flat ground 

Speed limiter: 20 mph (assist cuts off at 20mph)

E-bike purchase incentive

After rental if you love the bike and purchase one at the time of your return the bike. You will receive credit for your e-bike rental toward the new purchase. You can keep the rental bike, charge free and when your new E-bike is built up you can swap the rental for your new bike.

Rental Rates

Volt or Voltaic Daily: $80
(11am - 6pm) & 11am - 9:30pm on E-bike Adventure Nights)

Venture Daily: $50
(11am - 6pm) & 11am - 9:30pm on E-bike Adventure Nights)

(11am Friday - Monday 6pm)

Venture Weekend: $100
(11am Friday - Monday 6pm)

***Rental pick up info.

Renter is required to arrive & return before 6pm (M,W,TH,F) and 4pm on Tuesday. Please plan ahead, you will forfeit your rental and not receive a refund if you are picking up. You will be charge the extended cost if returned after those hours (Only exception is E-bike Adventure night which is 9:30pm bike return).


Do not ride it like you stole it. You will be charged like you stole it and will have to cover the cost of repairs. If not returned, you  be charge every week up to the cost of the E-bike. If card declines you will be contacted by the police department and charged to the full extent of the law. Please have fun, we would love you to have fun on the bike. Just don't jump it and treat it like a stunt vehicle. 

We highly recommend a helmet but not required, Helmets are $20 day and can be rented the day of pick up (while supplies last)

When braking on E-bike you want to simultaneously firmly press both lever at the same time, DO NOT DRAG THE BRAKE because it heats up the brakes and damages them. You want to firmly press them multiples times in a pumping motion to allow the brakes to cool down. Give yourself 3 times more room than you normally would on pedal bike.

If you break down or have a flat tire you are responsible for returning it and will be charged to repair it. Be honest and respectful when explaining the situation and we will do our best to make it an enjoyable experience for you.

Bikes come with built in lights or a rechargeable light set. You will be charged if not returned.

You can rent a bike out and decide to keep it all weekend. You will be charged

 the remaining balance on Monday. PLease return to pick up a charger.

Most bikes require a key to turn them on and hold the battery on the bike. If not returned you will be charged $100.

Batteries are very expensive please make sure they are locked when locking up the bike. 

If E-bike is stolen in your possession you will be charge in full for the E-bike.

If you rent a bike for the day you will not receive a charger. If you rent it over the weekend you will receive a charger. If you rent it for a day and decide to keep it over the weekend please stop by before 6pm or 9:30pm on E-bike Adventure night to pick up your charger.

***Discount codes are not accepted on rental and you will be charged upon pick up if one is used. 

Pick up process: Bring the card used for the bike rental (must match, no exceptions), Valid drivers license, ID or passport. We document your Credit card, ID. You can rent a helmet at this time. We give you an demonstration of the E-bikes operations. You enjoy your day.   

Return Process: You will return E-bike before 6:30pm. You are free to leave. We inspect the E-bike. If we have issues we will call you and explain how much we will charge you for the repairs. If your return is in excellent condition you will receive a text from us for your confirmation, we will  erase or delete your images and credit card info.

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