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Stacked official word:

Step into the world of unrivaled BMX performance with the Eclat Slash Pedals in Plastic PC or Alloy. Crafted to perfection, these pedals embody the pinnacle of innovation, setting the standard as the best BMX pedals available in the market today. Seamlessly combining strength, agility, and style, the Slash Pedals are engineered to elevate your biking experience to new heights.

Designed for the most demanding riders, these pedals are a testament to durability and precision engineering. Constructed from top-tier materials, they strike the ideal balance between robustness and lightweight design. Whether you're cruising the streets or dominating the park, the Slash Pedals ensure unparalleled resilience against the toughest terrains and maneuvers, providing unwavering stability and confidence.

The hallmark of the Slash Pedals is their exceptional grip and control. Engineered with strategically positioned pins, these pedals offer unmatched traction, enhancing both efficiency and safety during high-speed maneuvers, jumps, and tricks. Your feet stay firmly planted, allowing you to push the limits of your performance without compromising stability.

Not only do the Slash Pedals excel in functionality, but they also make a bold statement in style. Their sleek, eye-catching design doesn't just enhance your bike's aesthetics but also reflects your commitment to excellence in the BMX world. Available in a range of vibrant colors, these pedals allow riders to personalize their ride and stand out from the crowd.

Versatility is key, and the Eclat Slash Pedals seamlessly integrate with various bike setups, making them the go-to choice for riders across skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic beginner, these pedals complement most bikes, promising an exceptional riding experience.

Invest in the Eclat Slash Pedals for a transformative journey in BMX. Elevate your performance, conquer new challenges, and experience the thrill of riding like never before. Join the league of riders who trust the Slash Pedals for their unmatched quality, reliability, and performance.

In conclusion, if you're searching for the epitome of BMX pedals, the Eclat Slash Pedals stand tall as the ultimate choice. Engineered for excellence, these pedals aren't just accessories – they're the catalysts that fuel your BMX journey to new horizons. Embrace innovation, style, and functionality with the Slash Pedals, setting the stage for unparalleled performance on any terrain.

Eclat's word:
Our riders asked for a low profile, micro style pedal using the loose ball bearing system and integrating a crmo spindle, we scratched our heads and shortly after delivered the Slash nylon pedal. It’s somewhere close to perfect in size, features a lightweight design and has a nice knurled top surface.


platform material: injection molded nylon / fibreglass

Pins: 14ct round

platform shape: square flat

Platform surface: Large knurled

Axle material: Heat treated chromoly

axle size: oversized

Axle thread: 9/16"

bearings: unsealed

wrench size: 15mm

Weight: 389g (13.72oz : 0.85lbs) (per pair)

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