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Stacked official word:
Step into the world of uncompromising performance and durability with the Kink Foundation 2 BMX Forks, an embodiment of strength, precision, and innovation designed to revolutionize your BMX street riding experience.

Engineered for the rigors of modern street riding, the Kink Foundation 2 Forks stand tall as a testament to precision engineering. Their robust chromoly construction ensures both resilience and agility, making them the ultimate choice for riders seeking to push the boundaries of street riding.

The updated design of the Foundation 2 Forks provides enhanced strength without compromising on weight. The tapered legs and 4130 chromoly steerer tube offer optimal strength-to-weight ratio, enhancing maneuverability and responsiveness during aggressive street sessions.

What sets the Kink Foundation 2 BMX Forks apart is their adaptability. Designed for versatility, these forks cater to various street riding styles, providing the stability and reliability required for tackling diverse terrains, from technical ledges to big drops.

In the realm of BMX, consistency is key, and these forks deliver exactly that. Their design focuses on both performance and durability, ensuring riders can trust their forks to handle the challenges of intense street riding, session after session.

In conclusion, the Kink Foundation 2 BMX Forks epitomize excellence in fork technology. Experience precision engineering, durability, and agility in one set of forks. Elevate your street riding experience to new levels of performance and reliability with the Kink Foundation 2 Forks — a true embodiment of innovation and quality in BMX fork design.

Kink word:
Kink Foundation II forks are a traditional style fork, that still utilize the latest technologies and materials available. Available in two different offsets to suit any riding style, the 26mm offset dropouts offer a quicker more responsive feel while the 32mm offset provide a more classic and stable ride. The investment cast fork leg ends provide a clean and smooth look, while the laser cut and CNC dropouts provide the classic shape and provide ample strength. The tapered outer profile and internally butted fork legs keep the strength and weight right where they should be. A one piece fully CNC machined steerer tube with integrated bearing race helps keep things a little bit simpler too.


Offset: 26mm or 32mm available

Axle size: 3/8

Steerer tube size: 1 1/8" threadless

Steerer Tube Length: 165mm

Fork cap material: 7075 T-6 aluminum

Fork cap wrench size: M24xP1.5 with 3/8" Ratchet and 6mm Allen Broach


material: 4130 heat treat chromoly

Steerer tube features: 1pc machined, built in headset race

Fork leg material: heat treated chromoly

Fork leg features: internally butted, tapered legs &  Invest Cast Fork Leg Caps

Drop out material: chromoly

Drop out thickness: 4mm

Drop out features: 4mm Thick Laser Cut and CNC Dropouts 3/8"

Heat treatment: 100% TruTherm Heat Treatment

Weight: 34.8oz

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