20" Odyssey Air supply inner tubes

by Odyssey
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Stacked Word:

"The Odyssey Air supply is a perfect tube for old school bike to new school bikes with any tire 20 x 2.10" to 2.45" Width. They fit on 2.10" width and are easily inflateable to the large 2.45" width. With a slightly larger diameter the tube does not stretch out, thinning and allowing punctures to happen often. They come with a schrader valve which is your your regular gas station pump size and come with a plastic valve cap to keep the valve from getting clogged. If you want a tube that will last, ad this to your cart before you add pump up your tire to your to do list.”

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    diameter: 20"

    Width: 2.10", 2.125", 2.20", 2.25", 2.30", 2.35", 2.4", 2.45"

    valve: Shrader

    valve cap: Plastic 

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    Does this tube fit my bike?

    ”The easiest way to figure this out is to look on the side of the tire and find a 20 X 2.4 number, the 20 means the diameter of the tire & the second number is how wide the tire is, 2.4 inches. A tube is just a balloon, as long as it is small enough to tuck it into your tire, it can inflate to make the tire hard."

    My tire is flat, is my tube popped?

    ”Tubes are like a Mylar balloon, if you don’t play with it for a long time it will deflate. If your air it up again it will hold air. If you air up a tire and it goes flat within 48 hrs, it definitely has a puncture. We recommend you replace your tube, unless you enjoy pumping up tires every day."

    Will this tube go flat?

    ”Eventually yes, it is just a balloon. Name 1 balloon you've still had since you were a kid, that still airs up and you play with it. If you are looking for a inner tube that will last longer, we have a tube that is 10X thicker, and prevents punctures to your tube? Check out these here."

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