Odyssey Grandstand V2 Pedals

by Odyssey
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 *comes in pairs ( Left side & Right side)

Stacked official word: 
"The Odyssey Grandstand V2 PC Pedals are a heavy duty PC pedal you can ride on any terrain. You will love the sturdiness of the oversized axle and the bushing style bearings. The extra wide and flat body will feel amazing under your shoe. The grippy pins lock into any tennis shoe and the smooth body doesn't allow debris to get stuck to it. If you ride trails or street you will love these pedals."

Odyssey word:
Tom Dugan’s Grandstand pedals are all about feel. When we set out to design a new pedal we knew what we wanted and we didn’t want to compromise. Slim pedals feel great because they put your foot closer to the axle which makes it more stable and easier to grip (imagine bolting a block of wood to the top of your pedal and having to balance on that). Dual concave gives a great feeling for your foot and helps keep you centered on the pedal. It lets you push the bike in any direction like the concave of a skateboard. Ergonomics dictate that the pedal should be big enough that your foot sits in the middle of the concave, so the pedal needs to be wide enough for that too. And of course we wanted a strong axle. And we wanted it to be affordable. We could have done what most companies do and pick an off the shelf pedal design and make some minor changes to the body shape, but this would have meant big compromises. Most slim pedals either compromise on axle diameter to save space, or they fake being thin by incorporating a big bulge for the bearings that ruins the concave and reduces the pressure on the pins and so compromises grip. So instead we had to start from scratch and design our own unique new bearing and axle system that would keep a big 14mm axle but allow for a thin body. After a lot of work we have successfully created a wide platform with a perfect dual concave that feels exceptional as soon as you set foot on it. Your foot hits the pins and then settles down into the concave with an even pressure all round. This attention to detail pays off and all of our pro riders have been after them since the first samples came in.


pins: 16 round

Axle material: Heat treated chromoly

axle size: 14mm

Axle thread: 9/16"

bearings: unsealed

wrench size: 17mm

Weight: tba

*comes in pairs - 2 pedals ( Left side & Right side) 

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