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Stacked official word:
"The Primo Pro pivotal seat in black is a heavily constructed leather wrapped seat with a primo stamp on the rear. The sides are coated with rubber for added grip when pinching for bars spins. The top is triple stitched to keep the seems from busting and ruining your session. The camo seat has a sublimated camo print on a heavy duty canvas top and has the same sides and rear as the black seat. The base has bumpers front and rear to protect it from ripping and utilizes the Quality of the pivotal design. The pivotal mechanism is held to the post with a bolt through the top of the seat and allows multiple angles for any riders preferences. If you are looking for a Camo colored or an all black solid seat, pick one of these up today."


Size: Fat

Mount: Pivotal

Base: Nylon plastic

Top material: Synthetic Leather

Side Material: Synthetic leather w/rubberized texture

rear material: Synthetic leather

Front bumper: yes

Rear bumper: yes

Rear logo: recessed primo logo

Top patch: Primo rubber

weight: tba 

Seat Features

Synthetic Leather
Tired & tru Pivotal system
Large cus padding
rubberized side panels for superior grip
Front & rear bumpers

Pivotal BMX seats come in 3 different sizes and you should pick one for your riding style to enhance your performance. The most common size is the fat size which is designed to be pleasant to sit down on rides and making it easier to barspin. The mid one is a slightly slimmed down version of the fat seat to give you comfort and more room to perform. The slim one is super slim to give you tons of room when doing tight tricks like turndowns. This seat is a fat sized seat and works great for street, skatepark, or trails.

The pivotal style seat as been around for over a decade because it solved a lot of seat problems. It is lighter than a railed seat, it is stronger than a railed seat and it stays tight and adjusted longer than all the styles. There is a patch on top of the seat with a slit in it. You can put a 6mm hex tool in it, loosen the bolt, tilt the seat the angle you prefer, tighten the bolt and your seat is secure. Once you try this pivotal system you will be in love. 

The material a seat is made makes a huge difference if it is grippy or durable. Nylon canvas, Synthetic leather, suede along with tons of more options. Nylon canvas is durable and come in many cool colors and graphics. Suede's is grippy and really soft. This Primo Pro seat is leather is semi grippy and super durable. 

The color of your seat is based off the material and the creators imagination. Synthetic leather tends to be black, brown and sometimes different colors like white or teal. Suede is usually Black, red, or blue and Nylon Canvas can be a million colors because the artwork is sublimated on it. This one is traditional black synthetic leather. 

Bumper guards are plastic protectors that get mounted on the front and back of the seat to prevent material top from getting ripped. They are held in by screw and can be removed. The Primo Pro seat come with bumpers front and back.

This Primo Pro seat is a high quality over all riding seat with a excellent price. It is easy to clean, doesn't fade, and is super durable. If you want a stealth and grippy seat bolt this Primo Pro pivotal seat to your bike today.

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Seat Specs

Length: 9 1/4"

Width: 5 3/4"

Thickness: 2.5"

Inner Diameter: 7/8"

barends: Cult nylon push in

weight: tba

Seat suggestions: Fiend Mills seat, Demolition MC V1 seat, Fiend Reynolds seat

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