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Stacked official word:
"Spokes are like our veins that keep our bikes rolling well and the Stacked Stainless steel ED red spokes give you the best reassurance. Most department store bikes have galvanized spokes which are similar to a chain link fence metal. Our spokes are made out of similar metal compound to your kitchen forks. The galvanized spokes are easy to bend and the kitchen fork style are stiff. As your wheels roll on the ground they actually continue to roll in an oval shape continually stretching your spokes. Our stainless steel spokes allow this to happen and to spring back into shape with less wheel maintenance. These are come in various sizes and colors. All spokes come with equal amount of spoke black brass nipples. Our spoke nipples are made out of brass then painted black. The soft brass sticks with to the rim and prevents the spokes from coming loose with proper tension. You can also purchase alloy spoke nipples separately which work really well and rotation wheel weight thus making your wheels roll faster. "

*ED Red spokes are plated with a trans red color similar to trans red powder coating 

ÔĽŅSOLD IN 20 COUNT - Select 2 qty for 1 wheel

Spoke spec:

Spoke style: J-bend

Spoke material: Stainless steel

Spoke length: 178mm - 300mm

Spoke nipple Material: Brass

(fits most standard 20" - 29" - We custom cut our spokes to what ever size you need. If you don't know what size you need select "choose for me", leave us your email & phone number, email us what hub you have, what size rim, and what rim, we will handle the rest. These spokes will fit a Big ripper, Big flyer, Throne Goon, Haro Sloride, Haro Pistol, GT Performer/pro, Crew CB29, GT Dyno Comp/LTD, GT Pro series LTD, Elf DX, Bassett Swopper/Ronin/Super star or any 20" - 29" bike.) 


Spoke style: straight gauge 14 gauge

nipple: Black anodized brass

Weight: tba

Hub/rim Spoke lengths

Length Suggestion by groups

178mm - 192mm = 20" wheels at 3 cross

232mm - 240mm = 24" wheels at 3 cross

252mm - 268mm = 26" wheels at 3 cross

276mm - 290mm = 29" wheels at 3 cross


284mm NDS / 280mm DS - 110mm Profile Elite cassette non disc single speed 36h 3X 29" SE BIKES J36U Rim

284mm - 100mm Profile Elite front hub non disc 36h 3X 29" SE Bikes j36U Rim

258mm - 100mm Pride Street Impulse front hub non disc 36h X 26" Pride Street Gaijin 36h rim

Last updated 9-27-22 

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