Dirty fest old school bmx race & swapmeet

Dirty Fest | Mike Miranda & Mike Buff

If you are still in love with old school BMX then Dirty Fest is a perfect event for you to attend. Mike Miranda & Mike Buff are organizing a old school bmx event in Vale Lake, Temecula with a bunch of Old school event lined up. You will see many old school bmx vendors, bikes & events. There is an old school downhill race that will have different classes from suspension 20" bikes to open 29" bikes. It is a three day event from Friday April 28th to Sunday April 30th with a lot going on. If you want to spark your youth then pull up to Dirty Fest. Thank you Gentlemen for putting a cool event on for the foundation of BMX.

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Credit: www.dirtyfest.com

Social media: @dirtyfest

dirty fest old school bmx race & swap meet

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