Riverside electric Light bike ride | Relp

Riverside electric Light bike ride | Relp

If you love bikes, music and riding around Riverside then Relp (Riverside Electric bike parade) is the perfect free bike ride to join. They meet up every 3rd Saturday of the month in front of the historic court house and ride around the city. The ride is a mello pace ride that any age or skill level could participate in. You can put decorative lights on any style bike, or show up with just riding lights and you will be welcomed. You will meet many people from or around the Riverside community that have amazing personalities. Feel free to bring kids or adults because this ride is a super family friendly event and fun for the whole family. the next one is on Saturday April 29th, 2023 and we are excited to see you there. I reached out to John from Velp and this is what he said the rides are all about below.

"RELP is a free, family, fun event that happens every last Saturday of the month. We meet @ 4050 Main St. AKA as the Historical Courthouse. It’s a slow ride @ 8 mph @ around 8-10 miles.  It’s all about get LIT so you don’t get HIT! It’s loud with music and bright with lights! Come join the fun.
Come ride with me." -The Prez-

Location & time:

Saturday, April 29th 2023

Meet up time:5:30pm

Roll out time: 7pm

4050 Main st

Riverside, Ca 92501

Social media: @riversideelectriclightparade

riverside electric bike parade Velp downtown free community bike ride

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