BMX Shop Closing | Dah shop

BMX Shop Closing | Dah shop

Many of you Bmxers take your local bike shop for granted and if Dah shop has gone through a small portion of what we have then we definitely know why they are closing. Many of you riders come into bike shops and expect them to be an Amazon of your niche' hobby. Many of you talk about a bike shops like they can do better if you owned it. Many of you only fake support in hopes of getting sponsored. Many of you get upset over a little mistake a shop makes and spend your money at a way more expensive shop. Many of you ask for discounts not knowing what harm you are causing. Many of you do not share the shops business ads or content because you think it is "not cool". How do you expect BMX to get bigger and better if we are all doing the opposite of what makes local shops better? 
     Dah shop was opened because a rider loves BMX so much he put everything on the line and opened it. This is what every rider dreams about but never has the balls to do it. We need more people like Rone with balls to put their money where their mouth is. If you can't then put your money into peoples pockets that are trying to support your niche'. Get rid of your ego and your instant gratification and go support your local bike shop. Shops like ours & Rone's appreciate it and we try to express it as much as we can.
     When a shop throws a jam or event for you they are taking time away from their family and food off their table to feed your niche' hobby. When they do events they are doing what most of you do not want to do; take time away from riding and work. Most shops work harder than most riders assume. If you have ever worked at one or stayed at one for a long period of time you will know it's wild. We get the most uneducated people in world that come in and disrespect us due to their beliefs of what a bike shop is suppose to be.
     If you come in a shop, don't say hello and ask them how their day is going you are already starting off on the wrong foot. If you expect them to lend you tools ask your self why didn't you go ask your neighbor or a random house on the way to a shop. If you expect them to drop everything and work on your bike as soon as you walk in the door you my friend have an ego. If you do not allow them to "order" a bicycle part for you but buy it online because you think you can do the same thing you are the problem. If you don't support them through thick and thin you are that cheating girlfriend no one wants. If you don't promote their business ads or content you really don't want them in business. If you want to help yourself start helping your local bike shop.
     Dah shop posted on their Instagram that they will be closing at the end of this month. He posted some info about it which is below. Go support him and buy something from his online store.

"Dearest friends, families, colleagues, neighbors, shredders and people around the world, due to unforeseen circumstances, and the current financial crisis we’re facing with the rent and cost of goods on the rise. The resources just aren’t coming in fast enough, and just isn’t quite cutting it anymore, so we’ll be forced to close our doors of service of 15 years on Division Street at the end of the month on April 30th, 2023. We’re not quite sure what will happen next and if we’ll relocate… with that in mind we still have a duty to pursue and a debt to get rid of, so we will concentrate on our online presence and mobile services. Please feel free to reach out if you need us for anything or any future projects in mind. Thank you for all the memories serving dah community from Division Street. Don’t think of this as the end, but more of new beginnings. We’ll be seeing you around, Have fun, ride bikes, it’s a lifestyle!"

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Dah shop Instagram here: @dahshop

 dah shop BMX Shop closing down

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