New frames & Bars - Guess who's | Fitbikeco

New frames & Bars - Guess who's | Fitbikeco

Fitbikeco has a new signature/s frame coming out that will come in three different sizes. They will be available in 20.75", 21" & 21.25" top tubes and will have all the geometry below. They also have a set of signature/s bars coming out with the geometry below. Both will come in their our signature colors. Pretty cool concept from Fitbikeco. to give up and coming guys with some signature stuff. Congrats to Max Miller, Milky & Kole Voelker. They only questions I have is who is the lucky one that got the 20.75" frame size & the 9.5" bars that you know sells the best. Watch the video below if you have any questions on this _ _ _ _ _ Buck frame & bars.


head tube: 75 degree

bb height: 11.7

stand over: 9

rear end length: 13.1


Height 9.5" (Probably two more height)

back sweep: 10.5" 

upsweep: 2.5

Fitbikeco Instagram: @fitbikeco

Max Miller Instagram: @maxmillerrr

Milky Instagram: @Milkybikes

Kole Voellker Instagram: @kolevoelker

Credit: S&M bikes


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