Devon Smillie off of Etnies

Off Etnies - Devon Smillie | Sponsor news

At the 1st of the year, long time Etnies team manager announce he will no longer be taking on that roll and parted with the company. The big boom of covid, record high bmx sales, the super unorganized distribution of bmx product has created a huge wave of over stock and a demand of downsizing for most brands. Many companies have frantically discounted items and looking to lower their over head. 
     Work force is always the first to get cut, starting from the most paid and trickles down to the least. Many companies look to see what is making money and what is absorbing. When it comes to sponsorship the same applies. Most time the least paid guys, rookies or flow guys are kept because they it is a minimal cost when a brand is supplying product. This makes it super easy at the moment due to the large amount of product available. 
     After 7 years of sponsorship from Etnies Devon Smillie is no longer riding for them. The forward and backwards one wheel balance guy was most likely one of their high tier riders which resulted in his departure. I feel he will find a home soon due to his long term commitment of BMX. Even though it is most likely he will find a home fast. He might now be out of the woods yet. 
    Expect more riders getting released from sponsors due to the same situation I stated above. This is just the beginning of it and I for see many more situations happening like this as companies are forced into lower their over head. Stay tuned for more sponsor news.

Devon Smillie Instagram Statement:
"After 7 years, I am no longer riding for @etniesbike @etnies - To be honest this was a bit unexpected, but I think this is the best for me. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I was given. To have had 6 signature colorways release and a my own part in an epic full length DVD, it’s truly a blessing. Also, quick thank you to everyone who have shown love by purchasing/rocking my colorways. Much love to @john_povah for seeing it in me, to put me on with what was a legendary squad at the time. I’m glad I was able to be apart of the program while he was there. He was the backbone for Bmx involvement, and it hasn’t been the same without him. But hey, everything happens for a reason. WE MOVE ❤️✌️"


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Devon Smillie off of Etnies

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