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Even your favorite brands are subject having to let go a long time friend & relationship. If you read my previous post about Etnies it will shed some light to why this could possibly of happened. 
     If you heard of Sean Ricany you know he is an absolute beast. He is so dialed and always comes with a lot of power. The recent clips that stand out to me lately is the tire ride to truck on the super tall rail at RCC, the ice to bar at Colton high, & the wild hop 360 whip into the roof. Crazy to see he got a little loose on the roof from over rotating a bit. Any time I see him get loose and doesn't clean it up I know it was a gnarly maneuver.
      With his great skills I'm sure he will touch down another great sponsor if he could put out a little bit more content. Give the viewers what they want Sean, we love it. I wish you the best on a new bikes/frame sponsor.

Sean Ricany Statement:
"After 8 years of riding for @cultcrew I will no longer be supporting or a part of the brand. I’ll post a full statement about it all in the near future. Nothing but love for the crew and times we had."

More Sean Ricany content: Sean Ricany Content

Devon Smillie social media: @seanricany 

Sean Ricany Off Cult

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