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The last two post are about riders departing from teams so we had to leave on a good note and announce some positive sponsorship. Keep in mind, is this the same deal as our words discussed in Devon Smillie's Off Etnies post? Possibly but from what I do know is that even though Noah Miranda doesn't have a huge following like most pro's is that he does have tons of content. I can def see him being relatable to many kids his age. Most of his clips are at skateparks but don't let that fool you. He goes bonkerz in the streets as well. He seems like a great person, I wish I could see more content about his character. I seen him at the Clairmont Skatepark Turkey day jam and he def has a ton of character to show off. Keep up the amazing vibes, I hope this goes super well for you.

More Noah Miranda content: Noah Miranda content

Noah Miranda social media: @bipolarnoah

noah miranda content

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