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The best BMX shoes are now available for your BMX bike, in the form of Vans Cult grips. The Vans X Cult grips have the same pattern as the Vans shoe and last for a very long time. The Vans traditional waffle shoe design was applied to the Cult grips and create an amazing grip. They are made by ODI grips and their proprietary soft rubber compound for excellent wear and tackiness. They come with a thick waffle design and are easily stretched to create your own thickness of choice. Totally reversible pattern for a thicker or thin pattern design. They have a cult logo the end of one side of the grip and a vans logo on the opposite. The bar end has a cult logo on the end and created out of hard plastic to protect the end of your grips. The barends add a style to the grips and are black to match any part on your bike. If you want grips that will grips like your shoes, buy a set of these today.


Grip Features

Vans Waffle sole pattern
proprietary soft rubber compound
Extra long length
Heavy duty push in bar plug

Grip Specs

Length: 150mm

Outer diameter: 31.5mm

Inner Diameter: 7/8"

barends: Cult nylon push in

weight: tba

The Length is how long the grips are end to end. Shorter grips are made for rider that use a brake lever or twist shift. Grips can be easily cut down to length. These grips are 150mm long and come in an average length.

Thickness or Diameter:
The Thickness or diameter is how large the grips is on the surface when mounted on a handle bar. Keep in mind grips may feel a difference based on their pattern. Grips that have a solid style pattern feel thicker than finned (ribbed) styled grips. This is because the ribs collapse more and the solid pattern does not. These grips come in at 31.5mm which is pretty average for bmx grips. 

Grips come in many patterns and depending on the style it will feel different with bare hands or with gloves. Rib grips are finned and knurled grips have small pyramids on them to give your hands traction. Thick grips are a thick design to give your hands padding. These Vans X Cult grips are a cross between thick and knurled grips. If you have seen the bottom of a vans shoe you know exactly what I am talking about.

If you are putting colored parts like grips on your bike you definitely want to match or get as close as you can to the parts on your bike. Most picture on a screen look different than in person but are relatively close. These grips are shades and vibrancy as ODI grips which are rich and extra close to the shades we have grown to love. 

Bar ends:
Bar ends come in a few different style but most bmx grips come in a push in style or Par end style. The Par end style slightly wrap around your handle bar with an insert that goes inside. The insert is expanded with a hex thread in the end of the bar and secures the bar end. Par end style ones are stronger but slightly heavier. The Push in ones go in the end of the bar with a couple of taps of a rubber mallet or pushing them in. These grips come with a push in bar end.

These Vans grips are super popular not only because of the Nostalgic pattern but as well as the functionality. They are a perfect length and diameter for any rider. The bar ends are lightweight. If you are a young kid or and adult these grips will feel amazing if you are bare hands or wearing gloves. This is a great grip to try out.

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